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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Generally I'm more of a rock guy, but I can recognize something with a pulse when I stumble across it from time to time. There is a white rap rock group (don't be scared) out in the Orange County, called THE PRICKS, that are about to make a huge impact. They have a real urgency, something to say, and this ain't about 'bitches and ho's and bling' and it definitely isn't Linkin Park. The Pricks perfectly reflect where they live, how they live, and capture their own lifestyle as well as SUBLIME did in their day. They accurately represent a segment of Southern California the way the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS do. The amazing thing is that after only 15 total shows, they already have sold out THE ROXY in LA (it was only the second time they had played out of the OC). Anytime you can look around a crowd and see over 65% of the crowd wearing the same hat (the Pittsburg Pirates "P" cap), you know they have connected with fans on a genuine level.
They have another show coming up on June 21st at the Roxy, and if things go as they have, this one will be sold out by next week. KROQ has played their track "Lower Class" and I'm told some majors are offering paper as we speak.



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