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Thursday, June 14, 2007


MBV, Snow Patrol Members on New Film School LP
It's, uh, an examination of the dual nature of modern manhood... kind of like Norbit

Film School: it's not just for drunkards and washed-up creative writing majors anymore! Shoegazy Californians Film School-- whom you might recall from such past cinematic achievements as their self-titled full-length debut, or that time they were ripped off in a "ridiculous manner"-- are ready to pull back the curtain on their third feature. Hideout is due out on Beggars Banquet September 11.

Sure to be a richer, more mature departure from their early, Truffaut-biting semi-autobiographical work, the record does nod a bit too reverently at Altman with its numerous cameos-- including My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm O'Ciosoig, Snow Patrol bassist Paul Wilson, and mixmaster Phil Ek on the boards. Ultimately, Hideout's inspired use of mise en scéne and creative lighting techniques help separate it from the pack of turgid Evil Dead knockoffs and wispy character pieces.

The Film School kids aren't quite ready to hit the festival circuit with Hideout just yet, but we're told it'll be in the works around the final cut is complete.


01 Dear Me
02 Lectric
03 Meanmedian Mode
04 Sick Hipster Nursed by Suicide Girl
05 Must Try Easier
06 Two Kinds
07 Capitalized I
08 Go Down Together
09 Compare
10 Florida
11 Blizzard Scout
12 Plots and Plans
13 What I Meant to Say

Link-arrowVideo: Film School: 11:11 [from the Film School LP]


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