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Friday, December 29, 2006

LEMON SUN: Live Album Available!

In case you missed LEMON SUN's residency at THE ECHO in December, or you don't live in LA, here's your chance to still take home an evening's worth of music. SPACELAND RECORDINGS has released:
Spaceland Presents Lemon Sun at the Echo December 5th, 2006 12/05/2006
Lemon Sun - Tales of Uncertainty EP
That's right, 2 cd's for one price: $18.00

Complete Track Listing

To order a copy, go to the SPACELAND RECORDINGS page > http://www.myspace.com/spacelandrecordings

Or go directly to the page HERE: http://www.kufala.com/artists/show.php?catnum=170

You can also just download the files from this page (above) if you are done with jewel cases and album art.

Also, you can catch video footage from the shows on the LEMON SUN Myspace page:



Doors at 9:00 PM
$15 Advance @ Ticketweb.com

SF STATION did a nice piece on the band yesterday, so I've added here for your pleasure.

Brent Messenger of Every Move a Picture

Heart = Weapon

By Matt Crawford (Dec 21, 2006)

Following international attention from an early EP and Heart = Weapon, the debut LP released in July 2006, Every Move A Picture is back in the Bay Area preparing songs for their sophomore album. In between working on new material and searching for a replacement for Allen Davis (guitar/keyboards), who unexpectedly left the group, the band is ending the year with a couple of Bay Area performances. Brent Messenger (vocals/guitar) spoke with SF station during a phone interview.

SF Station (SFS): How is the writing process going?

Brent Messenger (BM): It’s good. It is going a lot faster than it has before in terms of starting new ideas and coming up with different stuff. I think we are experimenting and taking a lot more chances than we have in the past. It has been pretty fun so far.

SFS: How are you experimenting?

BM: Right now, we are working as a three piece. We are looking for a guitar player and have been auditioning players because our guitar player had to leave, if not indefinitely, at least for a while. He had some family stuff come up that he has to deal with.

Basically the writing process has been that of a three piece. Our guitar player Allen was a pretty influential part of the writing process the last go-around, so writing without him is different. I’ve been doing most of the writing and what is different about it this time, at least for me, is I’m not just using a guitar. I’m using keyboards and a piano to start songs.

SFS: You met Allen through Craigslist. Are you using Craigslist to find a new guitar player?

BM: We’re not really using Craigslist because we are trying to find somebody that knows about the band already and that at least has some background on what we can do. Basically, we are looking for a friend or someone who is referred to us by a friend. It would be cool to find somebody completely outside of the San Francisco scene, if there is such a person. That’s what Craigslist would be good for, but right now we are just going through friends to see what is out there.

SFS: Why would it be good to have someone from outside of San Francisco?

BM: I just think it would be interesting. When Allen came to the band, he came from Portland, Ore., and everybody in the San Francisco scene was like, “Hey, where did this guy come from?” Everyone in San Francisco sort of knows each other and what everyone is up to and capable of. You could almost make a determination about some based on what you know of them. It’s like a relationship, you know everybody’s baggage.

We will just see how it pans out. This is sort of new because Allen just recently left.

SFS: About a year ago Every Move a Picture was considered a “buzz” band by various media outlets and you had a good response at South by Southwest. Where do you think the band fits on a national level now?

BM: It’s hard to say. Our album has done okay. I don’t know if it has met or exceeded expectations, to be honest. There were a lot of people who thought we were going to be a big commercial success, and there were people who thought that we were a good indie band with just a couple of good songs.

We are not splashed all over the pages of Rolling Stone, but I don’t think we are completely out of the picture, either. We have definitely grown our fan base and we are having better and better tour opportunities that are being offered to us everyday. It seems like things are still sort of on the way up.

SFS: Have you heard anything from Toby Keith since you dissed him on your album?

BM: No, we have heard from a lot of his fans that come to our Myspace page every now and again. They give us an earful. It’s funny, some of the political songs on the album -- such as “Signs of Life” or “Outlaw,” the song the references Toby Keith —were cutting against the mainstream grain when I wrote them. It is now the mainstream position to oppose the administration and the war. I would like to think that we had something to do with it, but I know that it was the president’s doing.

Every Move a Picture performs at Mezzanine with Trans Am on December 30th and the band headlines Club Loaded at The Rickshaw Stop on January 5th.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Favorite Albums of 2006

I'm not a huge fan of doing my own end of the year lists, as it's so tough to rank which records are the 'best', mostly due to ever-changing moods, situations, and sentimental reasons that get tied up into one album getting more play than others. And what qualifies as 'best' anyway? Best for what? Dancing? Chilling? Rock'n out?

I enjoyed releases and singles in 2006, but to be honest, no single album blew me away. Maybe it just takes time to feel the impact of the sounds of this year, but it seems like we're in a big transition. We're putting some distance between the '80's sound and an getting beat over the head with a massive amount of 'emo' bands, into an enormous amount of electronic-based, dancey music, and the flare up of harder rockin' bands. Hey, we all know that the end of the '80's brings a return of massive POP music, tons of crap, and then grunge and shoegaze. We're already seeing the formation of these sounds cropping up. Who's going to get the combo right? Who'll trailblaze and lay down the pavement (PIXIES) for the next guy to polish and reap the rewards on (NIRVANA)? So my list of favorite albums is mostly based on how often I listened and how much I enjoyed the sounds. I'll let all the cool kids go arty and complex with their lists.

What I do know is that TV ON THE RADIO did
NOT make the album of the year. I do know that TAPES N TAPES is beyond overrated. I enjoy THE KNIFE, really respect their adventure, their mystery, the IDEA of what they are, but the hype doesn't live up to the result.

Favorite Albums of 2006

Beach House - Beach House (Carpark Records)
C.S.S. - C.S.S. (Sub Pop)
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies (Merge)
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor (Atlantic)
Film School - Film School (Beggars Banquet)
Girl Talk - Night Ripper (Illegal Art)
Grizzly Bear - Yellow House (Warp)
The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out (EMI)
La Rocca - The Truth (Dangerbird)
The Long Winters - Putting The Days To Bed (Barsuk)
Mister Loveless - My Share Of Losing (Shady Glen Records)
Jim Noir - Tower Of Love (Barsuk)
Peter, Bjorn & John - Writer's Block (Wichita/V2)
Silversun Pickups - Cavanas (Dangerbird)

Best EP's of 2006
Born Ruffians - Born Ruffians (Outside Music)
The Ebb & Flow - Here Are Caught (No label)
Fields - 7 From The Village (Vice Records)
Lemon Sun - Tales of Uncertainty (No label)
LoveLikeFire - Bed of Gold (No label)
The Slits - Revenge Of The Killer Slits (SAF Records)
Toyko Police Club - A Lesson In Crime (Paperbag Records)

Best Song of 2006
Gnarls Barkley - "

I know, I can't hear it one more damn time either, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Like 'Hey Ya' in the sense that EVERYONE instantly liked it, all ages & all music fans.

Guilty Pleasure of 2006
Cassie - "Me & U"

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Monday, December 25, 2006


Maybe none greater or more influential. Rest in peace.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


If you're still in town for Xmas, why not see a show tonight? San Francisco's SCISSORS FOR LEFTY play SPACELAND tonight. No stranger to FUTURE SOUNDS, S4L are the kind of band you go see when you wanna get stupid, dance around, and be very un-LA. To top it off, you'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer bunch of guys either, so nice they've given us this Christmas present >> Christmas Intentions

They had a nice bit of ink in the LOS ANGELES TIMES - read it HERE.


1717 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90026

SCISSORS FOR LEFTY - http://www.scissorsforlefty.com/

Friday, December 22, 2006


Freaks from Tampa, Florida: YO MAJESTY.

These 3, Shon B., Shunda K, and Jwel.B bring it as nasty as you like it. Absolute party music, ready to mix into GIRL TALK, SPANK ROCK or something mixed by DIPLO.

Download this track: "Monkey" (thanks to STEREOGUM)

Watch "Club Action" here:

YO MAJESTY - http://www.myspace.com/yomajesty4life

Thursday, December 21, 2006


You've been hearing about them, downloading them, and hopefully even buying their music - tonight LA's COLD WAR KIDS play David Letterman. I love it when something local starts that climb.

Listen to 'Hospital Beds' HERE. (Thanks to I Guess I'm Floating)

COLD WAR KIDS - http://www.coldwarkids.com/
MYSPACE - http://www.myspace.com/coldwarkids

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I've been kinda behind recently on listening to all the music on my desk, but I'm catching up with the holiday slow down that happens around this time, so I wanted to share the stuff I just keep playing in heavy rotation:

Track: The Get Go (thanks to BadmintonStamps)
Web Site: http://www.wearepony.com/

Track: So Lo (listen on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/letsgetdefected)
Web Site: http://www.killcitydefectors.com/

Track: Killing Machine (listen on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/howibecamethebomb)
Web Site: http://www.howibecamethebomb.com/

Track: Tambourine Crown
Web Site: http://www.cleanprophets.com/

Also loving:
RA RA RIOT - track: Can You Tell
...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD - track: Stand In Silence (thanks to Open Your Eyes)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Those of you that live in Los Angeles, come out to the ECHO tonight for the last of 3 residency shows by LEMON SUN. Great line up, including former FUTURE SOUNDS act, THE CHEAT.

Doors @ 8pm
Polus 8.30
The Cheat 9.15
Lemon Sun 10
Jet Fuel 11

address: 1822 sunset blvd.


Monday, December 18, 2006


Here's your chance for a public appearance of DUST & BLOOD, and it's free! 8PM tonight at THE TROUBADOUR.

Free Monday!
Monday, December 18, 2006
Doors open 7:30 pm
Free over 21/$3 under 21

Time Artist
11:00 pm Native June
10:15 pm Coda Vesta
9:30 pm Dirty Kings
8:45 pm Brutus Gets the Girl
8:00 pm Dust and Blood

DUST & BLOOD- http://www.dustandblood.com/

Friday, December 15, 2006


1. DUST & BLOOD – Sing To Your Demons
This record isn’t due out until January 2007, but you are all hearing this first – fresh from the studio with producer Ryan Williams (30 Seconds To Mars, Pearl Jam). I don’t hesitate when making the statement that this could be the album of the year for 2007. The band that is going to fill the void for Modern Rock. Think NIN. Think H.I.M. Better than MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, this is hard rock with pop hooks and song structures. From The Future Management. Needs: Booking.
DUST & BLOOD - Album TBD – Pulse Recordings

2. LEMON SUN – Telephone
Los Angeles’ LEMON SUN are no stranger to Future Sounds, but this song represents the latest studio efforts by a band that is quickly making a name for itself. This five-piece continues to rise and their live set is absolutely smoking! A great blend of what’s new as well as great American influences such as TOM PETTY and THE DOORS. Currently playing a residency at The Echo in LA. From The Future Management. Needs: Booking.
LEMON SUN – 4 Song Demo – No label.

3. AFROBOTS – Danjah
On the last edition of Future Sounds I kicked off the CD with a track from AFROBOTS, but since then they’ve completed 13 tracks that promise to be on everyone’s ‘A’list from here on out. Sao Palo Brazil’s Ricardo Dulce has the UK’s eye’s lighting up, as well as the states. Who won’t like this; Pop, hip-hop, reggaeton, electronic heads, hipsters? The next step after GORILLAZ and GNARLS BARKLEY. Management: Jordan Berliant at 10th St, Legal: Steve Sessa. Needs: Booking.
AFROBOTS – Album TBD – Pulse Recordings

4. MOUNTAIN CON – Apocolyptic
This act actually released this track and this album last year, but I simply cannot believe it didn’t get its day in the sun. MOUNTAIN CON hail from Seattle and put together the kind of pop-hip hop-hybrid we haven’t seen done right since BECK’s ‘Loser’. The best part, the whole album is this good. Mountain Con need to be heard outside of the Pacific Northwest, so here’s to restarting that fire. Management: Grady Chapman at Fuzed Music. Needs: Booking.
MOUNTAIN CON - Sancho Panza – No label

5. THE SAUDI PLAYBOYS – Psycho Killer

The Saudi Playboys are actually two brothers, Chegoku and Roman NewYork, living and do various kinds of art installations and music experiments in East London. This is their first release, a cover of THE TALKING HEADS "Psycho Killer", and features vocals from Jason Bavanandan of BATTLE and Liz Holdforth of THE FAR CRIES. Look for more in 2007.
THE SAUDI PLAYBOYS – Psycho Killer Single – Fleet Street Records

6. APES & ANDROIDS – Nights Of The Week
New York’s APES & ANDROIDS are a cross between David Bowie and Queen with their electro-inspired songs with four-part harmonies/chants. Live they are said to be a mix of Saturday Night Fever and a SEX PISTOLS gig. Starting to get some blog lovin’ as well as looks by labels, A&R are currently working on recording their first full-length. Needs: Management, booking, legal.
APES & ANDROIDS – Demos – No label

7. PROFESSOR MURDER – Free Stress Test
Some rave about HOT CHIP, but we don’t really need to look any further than to New York City to hear the sound from PROFESSOR MURDER. A dance floor boomer, this one is spilling out of NYC clubs and across the internet and world. The hook of the song comes from that Qbert like kazoo sound and the drum and bass line groove.
PROFESSOR MURDER - Professor Murder Rides The Subway – Kanine Records

8. LOW FLYING OWLS – Do The New World Order
Here’s the first listen to one of the new tracks by a band that has quietly been behind the scenes crafting their second record – LOW FLYING OWLS. Relocated in Los Angeles from Sacramento, they haven’t strayed from their psychedelic roots from Elixir Vitae, and I’m glad, just maturing the sound into something that has single potential. They are now called STRANGERS SMILE.
LOW FLYING OWLS – Album TBD – Stinky Records

9. ARMS – Whirring
Brooklyn’s ARMS is actually just Todd Goldstein, the one man arm-y, playing most of the instruments you hear and doing all the writing. If that’s not enough, Todd also plays in the HARLEM SHAKES (FS22). Getting love from places like KEXP, this one creeps on you then you can’t get it out of your head. Classic indie rock.
ARMS - Shitty Little Disco EP – No label

10. DUKE SPECIAL – Freewheel
I heard these new tracks from a friend who told me that I HAD to hear a song that would own me, and it was Freewheel. I’d say it was a success, as here it is, slightly ahead of release schedule, but ready for the world anyway. Better than the new KEANE by a mile, Belfast’s DUKE SPECIAL, really Pete Wilson, will make an impact with this single.
DUKE SPECIAL – Adventures In Gramophone – V2 Records

11. SCOTT MATTHEWS – Elusive
SIMPLY GORGEOUS is 'Elusive', the single by Wolverhampton's SCOTT MATTHEWS. Hell, if JAMES BLUNT can sell millions off that damn 'You're Beautiful', this one should put Scott on the music map. It's already started in the UK, I first heard this song on Zane Lowe's Radio1 playlist, and word is spreading like wildfire. I haven't heard a song this gentle since DAVID HOPKINS' gave us 'Amber & Green'. Honestly, this one is a no brainer, & if people gobble up the likes of ALEXI MURDOCH and DAMIEN RICE, then Scott's headed for good times.
SCOTT MATTHEWS – Elusive Single – No label (Scott has recently signed with Island UK)

12. JUSTIN NOZUKA – Mother Land
ONLY 17 years old??? Forget TEDDY GEIGER, better voice, better songs. This talented and young singer songwriter living in Toronto, Canada has labels and publishing looking at the potential behind this kid that could go JACK JOHNSON on us quickly. Will grab fans of MAROON 5 and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, this Justin is bringing high school back.
Management: Coalition Entertainment Rob Lanni, Eric Lawrence. Needs: Booking.
JUSTIN NOZUKA – Demos – No label

13. DREW LAWRENCE & THE ALLIES – Lovesick Panic
Nominated for best pop/rock artist at the L.A. music awards recently, here’s DREW LAWRENCE & THE ALLIES. With a touch of WILCO’s Jeff Tweedy to his voice, this could knock THE FREY out of the box. They already have a full-length album ready to go, they’re just looking for a home and building their local fanbase. Early interest from Columbia this song is a hit, ready for a TV placement and the hearts of every young girl on the planet.
Legal: Berger Kahn Needs: Management, booking.

14. THAO NGUYEN – Tallymarks
THAO NGUYEN, in my opinion, is ready to run with the BETH ORTON-EDIE BRICKELL torch, and her timing is just right. This self-released CD came out last year, and Thao has been out supporting this everywhere, most recently touring with LAURA VEIRS, but I just got the disc and think its brilliant. Folky, raspy, this DC native is a talent on the rise. Management: Slim Moon, Shotclock Mgmt.
THAO NGUYEN – Like The Linen¬ ¬– No label

15. RICKY ANDERSON – Millionaire
Another young talent on this month’s compilation is Orange County’s VALENTINE, which is the front for songwriter Ricky Anderson’s music. What I like most about everything he’s written is how immediate it is, how his themes are always something we can all relate to. This one is a hit, another song begging for a great music placement, and a heartbreaker.
Needs: Management, legal, booking.
RICKY ANDERSON – Demos – No label


FOREIGN ISLANDS – Another New York City act, recently signed to Nude Records in the UK, check out song, ‘That’s How This Goes Down’. To release Deaf, Dumb + Blind in early 2007.

HONEYCUT – Track: ‘Shadows’
Oakland, California’s HONEYCUT just released their debut full length, On The Day I Turned To Glass, on September 19th, and already radio is closely looking at ‘Shadows’. Infectious pop ala Scissor Sisters, The Knife and Maroon 5, but with the backend cred of Quannum Records.

TIGERCITY – I LOVE TIGERCITY! This band has been getting some attention from various places now for months, and I finally downloaded some of the tracks and had an immediate attraction to the sound of TIGERCITY. They are from Brooklyn and their groove is unpretentious and great for a club. Sounds like THE TALKING HEADS meets THE POLICE.

BLACK MARKET – These kids from Arizona have been getting looks by just about everyone on the market. Big on energy, close on songs, just one big hook away from something larger. Won’t be unsigned for long.

THE KLAXONS – This band very quickly exploded within the shark tank of the ‘who’s next’ world, getting so hot that it’s set off a backlash as well. In the end, it’s about songs, and they have them. People try and dub them as ‘new ravers’ but I think that’s just being lazy. Danceable and the kids like it. Just signed to Polydor Records.

– Ok, so I’m a little gun-shy about any band that falls on the ACTIC MONKEYS side of the sound wave, but these guys are pretty raunchy and fun and their track ‘Anna’ was on heavy rotation for me for weeks. This song gets me going in that jumpy kinda DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS kinda way, but it's still unkept, surly, and rough around the edges. From Loughborough (UK), the band might not own the freshest sound you've ever heard, but listen to it once or twice and you'll be singing "now that Anna's my darling we just dance all night!"

FIELDS – I don’t know much about this band other than their track ‘Song For The Fields’ owned me for weeks. From Birmingham (UK), their first EP, 7 From The Village, was self-released on their own, Black Lab Records. Epic rock, grand in scale.

WALTER MEEGO – This edition of FUTURE SOUNDS seemed full of electronic-related artists and it seems like I was overrun and impressed by the number of quality music happening in this genre. I first heard their song, ‘Romantic’ and absolutely fell for it. Insanely groovy!

EBB & FLOW – Unsigned, San Francisco’s EBB & FLOW have self-released an EP recently that should be heard by many. Highlights include ‘Alaska: Lost And Found’ and ‘Body and Soul’.

OTHERS NEW BANDS TO WATCH: Love Like Fire, Freddie Stevenson, Fleet Foxes, Tokyo Police Club, St. Vincent, Polytechnic, Colour Revolt, Kid Alex, The Young Knives, The Tender Box, Another Cynthia, The Devastations.


GRIZZLY BEAR – Yellow House (Warp) – Stunning!
C.S.S. - Cansei de Ser Sexy (Sub Pop) – My new favorite. Track: Alala
THE TEDDYBEARS – Soft Machine (Atlantic) – ‘Cobrastyle’ is THE track!
THE SLEEPY JACKSON - Personality - One Was a Spider One Was a Bird
SILVERSUN PICKUPS – Carnavas (Dangerbird) This band should be even bigger.
GOSLING – Here Is (V2 Records)
LUPE FIASCO - Food & Liquor (Atlantic)
THE LONG WINTERS – Putting The Days To Bed (Barsuk)
FRANK & WALTERS – Renewed Interest In Happiness (FiFa Records)
DARKER MY LOVE – Darker My Love (Dangerbird)
YO LA TENGO - I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass Matador)
THE KOOKS - Inside In/Inside Out (Astralwerks)
LOVE IS ALL - Nine Times That Same Song (What's Your Rupture)
THE HOURLY RADIO – History Will Never Hold Me (Kirtland)
SNOWDEN - Anti Anti (Jade Tree)
MOHAIR - Small Talk (Grunion Records)
WHITEST BOY ALIVE- Dreams (Asound-Bubbles)
JOSEPH ARTHUR - Nuclear Daydream (Lonely Astronaut)
COLD WAR KIDS - Robbers & Cowards (Downtown)


LILY ALLEN to Capitol Records
THE PONYS sign to Matador Records
THE LITTLE ONES to Astralwerks
VOXTROT to Playlouder/Beggars Banquet
STREET TO NOWHERE to Capitol Records
THE DYKEENIES signed with King Tuts
EARL GREYHOUND have signed to Some Records
INTERPOL to Capitol Records

*** Please remember to buy music when you can or go out and see these acts live - support the arts.

FUTURE SOUNDS has teamed up with TANK FARM CLOTHING on a new project to help out up and coming bands called TANKFARM AID. It's creation will help young bands with their tour merchandising. Artists and bands, send us your music for consideration on the next Future Sounds compilation, a merchadise sponsorship, and an opening spot on the Future Sounds Tour. Send your music to TANKFARM HEADQUARTERS: 10544 Progress Way, Unit C, Cypress, CA 90630
Visit the Web site today at http://tankfarmclothing.com/


One of my favorite new bands from San Francisco travels south tonight to play at SPACELAND:

I can't stop playing their EP and their newly finished demos that they did with Jeff Saltzman. Come on, you've had enough holiday parties haven't you? Time to rock. They are playing

LOVELIKEFIRE - http://www.lovelikefire.com/


An actual label guy that cared about real music. One of the very best!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Dropping in on the VIPER ROOM tonight in LA, the long awaited return of DUST & BLOOD.
9PM sharp is set time.

DUST & BLOOD - http://www.myspace.com/dustandbloodmusic

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Every once in awhile, the world does something right to someone good. Case in point, infamous radio host and hit predictor RODNEY BINGENHEIMER is set to get a star with HIS name on it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 7 at 11am. Hopefully you've rented the amazing documentary by George Hickenlooper, The Mayor of Sunset Strip, and got a glimpse into the life and experiences of a guy that has been entangled and fueling the LA music scene since the mid '60's. From running and curating the ENGLISH DISC on the Sunset Strip, to his years of service on radio giant, KROQ-FM. What I love most about what Rodney stands for is that he's a true disc jockey, in the classic sense of the word. The Rodney on the Rock Show, Sunday nights from Midnight to 3AM, is what in an ideal world, all radio would be like. Here you aren't getting what's been tested by random phone surveys, you're getting a point of view. Rodney gives you a look into his mind, his taste, his year's of experience now filtering through what's new - recognizing what has a pulse, some style, some glammor, and what's fun. I mean, who else plays the same band/s, multiple times in the same set? Sometimes even the same song, or even a whole side of an album, just because he loves it. "Terrestrial" radio bores the holy hell out of me, it has absolutely nothing to offer me that I haven't heard a million times before. KROQ is actually one of the worst offenders, playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and Nine Inch Nails at a minimum of 50 times a day. Radio plays what pays, I understand that, it's just sad that we're limited to these lifeless confines. There is nothing urgent, nothing daring about radio, nothing with a personality that isn't talk radio. Thank God for podcasts, streaming, pirate radio, and my ipod. Thank God for Rodney Bingenheimer.


This morning at 11:15am, on KRCW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, one of my favorite LA bands will perform. Stream it, download the podcast, do whatever you have to do, but don't miss it. It's always wonderful to watch a band that truly deserves any attention that they are getting start their rise. They've paid their dues, playing shows everywhere, opening for people they are much better than, etc. They just finished their tour with WOLFMOTHER, and head back out with SNOW PATROL in 2007. Not only is their album, CARNAVAS, an amazing record, but they are actually a band of really nice, humble people. "Well Thought Out Wrinkles", "Lazy Eye" and "Little Lovers So Polite" stand as three standout tracks from 2006.
I'm not sure if you saw their recent DAVID LETTERMAN appearance, but they smoke live! Don't call me after 11 today, I'm busy.....

SILVERSUN PICKUPS - http://www.silversunpickups.com/

Tuesday, December 12, 2006



LEMON SUN takes the stage for night 2 of 3 of their December residency at THE ECHO.

Low Vs. Diamond
Astra Heights

8:30pm / $5 / 18+

Monday, December 11, 2006


One of my guilty pleasures is this group that I know very little about called MISTER LOVELESS from San Francisco. I downloaded some mp3's off their CD months ago - My Share of Losing, - and it seems I add them to my playlist daily. Your first thought may be, "don't we kinda have a band like this in SHE WANTS REVENGE?" Not really, as SWR are straight con artists, where Mister Loveless could actually be that dark and bizarre.

Slide over to their Myspace page and listen to songs like "Perfect Stranger" of "Scatterplot"

So tonight, if you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, tune into LIVE 105 tonight as they'll be DJing an hour long set around midnight. Come on, after hours with Mister Loveless, what could they play???? It has to be worth staying up for.....

MISTER LOVELESS - http://www.misterloveless.com/

Friday, December 08, 2006


Here's some of the newer stuff I've been enjoying this week:
1. THE WOMBATS - http://www.thewombats.co.uk/
London 3 piece just dropped their EP on KIDS. Take your pick here, all 3 tracks will grab ya - The Wombats - Patricia the Stripper (my favorite)
Download songs on COME PICK ME UP

2. LIONS & TIGERS - http://www.myspace.com/lionsandtigersnyc
New York City band (by way of Martha's Vineyard) have an EP called "Witch" floating around that from what I'm streamed from their Myspace page, sounds very interesting. People calling them 'post punk', comparing them to WIRE, PUBLIC IMAGE LTD, and THE RAPTURE.
THE DELI MAGAZINE has "Zaire" available for download HERE.

3. THE BLOW - http://www.theblow.us/
Track: "Pile Of Gold"
The kind of silliness you'd expect from anything on K Records. This one has crossover potential, a good dancey groove, get ready for some remixes of this one.

Herky, jerky stuff. It might not be the newest sound out there, but at least they do it right. From Brighton, they are on Fiction (Polydor) in the UK, the (e)NME(y) love 'em, and it's just spreading over to the US. I dig the tracks 'Bicycles' and 'Latchmere', off the album with the same name - Latchmere.

5. HOLY SHIT - http://www.veryholyshit.com/
An LA band, with a distant, mysterious vibe. I haven't seen it live, but they are on my radar now. Download songs off their Web site at http://www.veryholyshit.com/songs.html

I seem to be drawn back to GIRL TALK a few times every day (track: Minute By Minute), just for a good laugh and 50 great samples per song. Also, going back for THE RADIO DEPT. (Pulling Our Weight) and of course, 'Lazy Eye' and 'Well Thought Out Wrinkles' by THE SILVERSUN PICKUPS.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

LEMON SUN - "Telephone, Are You Alive" video

Lemon Sun - “Telephone, Are You Alive”
Directed by Jason Argyropoulos

LEMON SUN's video for 'Telephone' got some attention on video site, SHOTSRINGOUT: http://www.shotsringout.com/

The Band: is Lemon Sun and they are a small group from Southern California that are hoping to break away from that obscurity with the help of their December residency at the Echo in Silver Lake as well as this sharply shot/made/edited video for their song ‘Telephone, Are You Alive’. I wish them the best and I have a feeling they will pull it off.

The Track: is a response to the torment, band leader Rob experienced over not being able to communicate with his sister when she was in NY during the 9/11 tragedy and again in London during the subway bombings. I guess I would be frustrated too, seeing as how society seems to be so ‘connected’ in its modern age, and all it takes is a bit of terror to crash our dependent forms of communication.

The Video: belongs to Jason Argyropoulos, an up and coming director out of the Southern California area also. Despite his green status, the kids been busy, three music videos for the year (among some PSA’s and minor film work), this one being his second ever and what a great job he does. From the mouth/hands of the director; “The style of the video was fed from tons of experimental pictures — the hope was not to get too messy with it and just have this balance of exciting tricks that can be remembered from all kinds of old avant-garde films on up through the decades.” And I agree. My effects tally runs; stop motion, body cam, shadow boxing, kaleidoscoping, floating phones on wires, and a few others that I’m not smart enough to name. They all add up to a fun and well thought out video that was executed to perfection. You can check some of his other stuff over at his production company Tree Filmworks; told you he has his shit together.

I’ll tell you one thing about Lemon Sun though, if they don’t impress you with their music, they will definitely do it with their art. Not sure who the artist in the bunch is, maybe a bandmate or friend of a friend, but whoever it is they do some damn fine work. Check their website for the evidence, and apparently their new EP that will be available during their Echo residency will feature amazing artwork too. I believe it!

Update: The artist has been revealed as S. Phansavanh and you can check out his stellar work here and here.

Go catch the band play at the Echo: Show Dates

Dec 5 2006 8:30P
The Echo ~ residency w/ THE OUTLINE, THE WAR TAPES (THE POP KIDS) Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Dec 12 2006 8:00P
The Echo ~ residency w/ LOW VS. DIAMOND, SATISFACTION & ASTRA HEIGHTS Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Dec 19 2006 8:00P
The Echo ~ residency w/ JETFUEL, THE CHEAT, Special Guests Echo Park (Los Angeles)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



MP3: Film School & Demetri Martin: "Electric Brain"

Hmm, so this comedy stuff-- it's no indie rock, but it is pretty funny! And now we get both in one cute little package, as New York jokester Demetri Martin has teamed with San Francisco cinematic rockers Film School and graphic artist/sitarist Michael Gillette to craft this rhyme-instense psychedelic ditty. Seuss would be proud. So would Timothy Leary.

"Electric Brain", as it's called, was put together for a Martin comedy short of the same name, the third of six episodes now playing at www.clearification.com. Film School, together with Martin, contribute music to the other sketches as well. The "Electric Brain" short itself is a bit, ahem, short on laughs, but we do get some trippy Yellow Submarine style animation to accompany the tune. Significantly kinder to your funny bone: the website's animated Martin, perched upon a bird's nest with a messenger bag draped over his shoulder, rambling randomness and delighting in the desultory. It's a good look.

Download MP3: Film School & Demetri Martin: Electric Brain

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Spaceland Recordings Holiday Party is kicking off Lemon Sun's residency at the Echo. Everyone in the door will get a free compilation of past Spaceland Recordings and will also be emailed MP3s and an iPod video of the night's show.

The Outline
War Tapes (formerly Pop Kids)
The Black Watch

8:30pm / $5 / 18+

LEMON SUN hits the stage at 10:30PM.

Monday, December 04, 2006


A man of amazing talent and abilities, DAVID HOPKINS, will be visiting Santa Monica tonight to play at TEMPLE BAR at 9:00PM. David has moved out West, so expect to see more of him in California, Nevada and Arizona in early 2007. He's working on songs for his follow up record to 'Amber & Green', somewhere out in the desert.

1026 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA
All age show

DAVID HOPKINS - http://www.davidhopkins.net/

Saturday, December 02, 2006


FINALLY, a band with the fury of MCKLUSKY >> GALLOWS.

A friend of mine from London tipped me off to these kids, and I should've known what was headed my way - a bomb! Sorta like how I used to feel about THE BRONX, I'm inspired whenever I come across something that is urgent and wreckless. I mean, just look at that red-headed kid up front in this picture, enough said. Check out what's loaded on their Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/burnthegallows

They are about to do some shows with THE MC5 in the UK:
Thursday 7th December - London Camden Underworld
Friday 8th December - Liverpool Barfly
Saturday 9th December - Sheffield Corporation

GALLOWS - http://www.lastfightforthelivingdead.co.uk/