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Thursday, July 21, 2005


You should remember TOM VEK from FUTURE SOUNDS 17, he's signed on in the states to Startime International, the perfect home for this guy! This label has done a great job with THE FUTUREHEADS, THE FRENCH KICKS, BRENDAN BENSON, DIOS and FOREIGN BORN, all former Future Sounds picks. Isaac Green there at Startime knows how to pick 'em. Congratulations!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Posies European Summer Tour Starts Tomorrow

The band just finished shooting the video for 'Conversations' up in Seattle and are now arriving in Paris to kick off their European Summer tour.

The Posies European Summer Tour

07.18.2005 Nouveau Casino Paris, France Coco w/Cheap Star
07.19.2005 Paleo Festival (Club Tent) Nyon, Switzerland w/Lenny Kravitz Sold out
07.21.2005 Whelans Dublin, Ireland
07.22.2005 Cruiscin Lan Cork, Ireland
07.23.2005 Dolans Limerick, Ireland
07.24.2005 Cruiscin Lan Galway, Ireland
07.26.2005 Rescue Rooms Nottingham, England
07.28.2005 Le Ciminiere Catania, Italy
07.30.2005 Carling Academy Islington London UK w/Petra Jean Phillipson
07.31.2005 Manchester Academy 3 Manchester UK
08.01.2005 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow, Scotland
08.04.2005 Benicassim Festival Spain w/Underworld
08.06.2005 Annkarock Festival Korso, Finland w/The Rasmus
08.09.2005 Goteborgkalaset Festival Goteberg, Sweden
08.10.2005 Debaser Stockholm, Sweden
08.11.2005 Oya Festival Oslo, Norway w/Yo La Tengo
08.15.2005 Atomic Cafe Munchen, Germany
08.17.2005 Schocken Stuttgart, Germany
08.18.2005 Tivoli Utrecht, Netherlands
08.19.2005 Pukkelpop Festival (Marquee Stage) Belgium w/The Pixies
08.20.2005 Beautiful Days Festival Exeter, UK

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


1. THE POSIES – Second Time Around
FROM THE FUTURE MANAGEMENT is proud to announce it’s most recent addition to the fold; THE POSIES. It’s been since 1998 that Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer combined in a full band format as THE POSIES, but their comeback record is worth the wait, filled with those trademark harmonies we all loved back in the day. They leave for an extensive European tour filled with festivals and dates all over before returning to the States for a run in Sept-Oct.
THE POSIES – Every Kind Of Light – Rykodisc.

2. FILM SCHOOL – Breet
Another great FROM THE FUTURE announcement; FILM SCHOOL signed with Beggars Banquet Records!! Here is a glimpse of what the fall release has to offer, Breet. Mastering was just completed in LA and their fall-winter touring schedule is building with dates I’ll announce soon enough. Live, this track gets crowds moving, with its CURE-tastic keys and bouncy lift. This record will be an important record in 2005.
FILM SCHOOL – Film School – Beggars Banquet.

3. LEMON SUN – The Answers
Los Angeles’ LEMON SUN are new kids on the block. Although they’ve all had previous band experience, this formation hasn’t had any shows to speak of, and already has label interest sniffing about from just the three songs on the demo - Easy to see why with this track. It’s got that ‘cool’ feeling to it, breezin’ along with a sexy swagger. Young, hungry and very talented, they won’t stay unknown long. Needs: Management, legal, booking.
LEMON SUN – Demos ­– No label.

While we all wait for the next SHINS record, who cares when we have THE SPINTO BAND?? I’ve played the hell out of this one, it has that ‘it’ factor that pulls you in quickly. Oh Mandy.
This seven piece from Delaware have put out two fine releases before Nice And Nicely Done. So uncool lyrically that they are actually hip, full of PAVEMENT influences mixed with something even zanier. The single was first released on Stolen Transmission Records, now you can pick up the rest of it through Bar None Records.
THE SPINTO BAND – Nice And Nicely Done ­– Bar None Records.

5. MICKEY AVALON – Jane Fonda
MICKEY AVALON is from Hollywood, can’t you tell? I say that this song is a hit, and I know you’ll agree with me if you listen to this more than once, because you’ll wake up singing it the next morning. I love the line, “(she’s) So fly she’s transatlantic”. Only available on limited edition vinyl through Shoot To Kill Music, and getting some play on KROQ, I can’t imagine this one staying limited for much longer. Velvet Hammer Management.
MICKEY AVALON – Demos – No label.

Another Southern California act getting some LA radio love (Indie 103), UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GIANTS are poised to rise quickly judging from Mama’s Room and the other mp3’s available for download on the band’s website. White boys with the funk of the SCISSOR SISTERS or THE BEE GEES, this one seems pretty obvious to me. Management: Berko. Legal: Nick Ferrara. Needs: Booking.
UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GIANTS ­– Mama’s Room EP ­­- No label.

7. MOHAIR – Stranded
From Watford (UK), this unsigned band has played every major festival (Leeds, Reading, T In The Park, V, Oxygen) and are still in search of respect. This one has SUPERGRASS hookiness to back their amazing live show. This track comes from a batch of new material that they are working on that I got an early peak into, and this one could land more time for them on Radio 2 and XFM in London. Management: Adrian Bell. Agent: Ben Martin. Sign them dammit.
MOHAIRDemos – No label.

8. ASSASSINS – Guilty
I remember seeing these guys as THE ASSASSINS in Chicago a few years back, fresh with the buzz of an Arista Records deal in hand. Since then they’ve been a victim of an LA Reid departure that dropped them, and some other band with a similar name going HUGE under the direction of that very same LA. What did they do but climb back in the ring; create an amazing full length full of tracks the size of Guilty, drop the “THE” in their name, and reload. They are back on the buzz block, getting attention again and looking to make an impact in the upcoming year.
ASSASSINS – Assassins – No label.

I got this from a demo disc circulated by their publisher, Chrysalis Music, and immediately heard the potential of Dream On. On the other end of the AEROSMITH spectrum, this Dream On is for every viewer of ‘The O.C.’ watching next season. I think drummer/vocalist Brandon Meshell has listened to a little JEFF BUCKLEY in his days. This two-piece from Shreveport, Louisiana now living in New York City have the craft and potential for some radio damage here.
CAMERON MESHELL – Demos – No label.

10. ART BRUT – Bang Bang Rock And Roll
You should remember these guys from FUTURE SOUNDS past (FS14), well ART BRUT is back with a full length from Fierce Panda Records and the record is excellent. In the States it seems they are finally getting their due as well. The name ART BRUT sure says it all, for this South London band is all energy; primitive, rowdy, cheeky, and explosive all in the same verse. For the record, I happen to love the VELVET UNDERGROUND, but feel the same about every knock off band raiding the greats without any new additions to the sound.
ART BRUT – Bang Bang Rock And Roll - Fierce Panda Records.

11. YOUTH GROUP – Someone Else’s Dream
Australia’s YOUTH GROUP has released their sophomore record on Epitaph, and this one should get gobbled up by the indie kids and fans of THE POSTAL SERVICE. Singer Toby Martin has a silky smooth voice that reminds me of our heroes, THE POSIES, and are quickly gaining major league attention within the blog circuit. One of my new favorites I’ve come across these days.
YOUTH GROUP – Skeleton Jar - Epitaph Records.

12. HUGE – Happiness Everyday
Lead singer, Jason Rabe’s voice quite simply, BOOMS! I caught this act recently out in LA and was immediately taken by his power and their smart songs. Reminding me of another FUTURE SOUNDS fav, EDITORS, here we get the American answer to TRAVIS, or almost like a new SIMPLE MINDS. Needs: Booking, legal, management.
HUGE – Demos – No label.

13. AMOR – Woman Who’s A Woman
AMOR are a three-piece from Tucson, Arizona, and even if they do sound like THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, this band is absolutely doing their own thing. Originally from Paris, frontman Naïm Amor fell in with HOWIE GELB and the CALEXICO gang down there in spaghetti western country, and even got Joey Burns to produce the new record that still awaits a home. On tour in July. AMOR – Demos ­­– No label.

14. INNAWAY – Threat Hawk
Although live they were a bit of a jam band, LA’s INNAWAY were still thrilling at moments, and I think you can get the idea of their SPIRITUALIZED power grooves listening to Threat Hawk. When this FLOYD groove drops in, I get all purple hazed and wanna lie on the floor with headphones. They are out on the road with the BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE this August, go see them.
INNAWAY – Innaway – Some Records.

15. MERIC LONG – Notes
Hailing from San Francisco, singer songwriter MERIC LONG has had a booker friend of mine calling up for months describing his genius. Meric finally recorded a track, albeit one that could use an edit in length, but there is absolutely no doubt that this kid is the real deal. Almost a TWEEDY-like voice mixed with melodies as gorgeous as anything CROSBY, STILLS & NASH every put together, this one immediately feels familiar. Management: Annie Southworth. Needs: Booking, legal.
MERIC LONG – Demos – No label.



THE KILLERS – Purple elephant in the room? Nah, best of luck to them. Over 3 million records sold worldwide, turning down the headlining spot at Glastonbury on their debut record, Live8, Grammy nominations, I think we treated them ok. FROM THE FUTURE has been proud to have worked with these now pop stars.

THE DRAMA – Things have been heating up for Tampa’s THE DRAMA as of late. I gave you a glimpse of the new material on last month’s FS20 with ‘Stevenson’, now labels are flying out to Bush country to catch the band that should help wrestle rock music back from the Brits and to the States again. I hope to have big news to announce soon.

DAVID HOPKINS – David’s debut record on Reekus Records is scheduled for release on August 19th in Ireland only, but these 13 songs are the best he’s recorded to date and should cause a stir everywhere. The single, ‘Amber & Green’ cracked the Top 40 in Ireland and he’s headed back to support the release with a month of tour dates. He’ll also be at CMJ and NEMO.


Plenty of cool releases out there and lots of new bands I’ve run across in the past month, here’s a overview of some other things happening:
**** CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAHClap Your Hands Say Yeah, self released album available on Insound and the like, cool stuff that has everyone drooling in label land. **** Another great release this month is from THE BLUE VANThe Art Of Rolling (TVT Records). Check out track, Product of DK. Sizzling. **** If you like FILM SCHOOL, and I KNOW that every one of you really does, then London’s ENGINEERS should be up your alley. Album Engineers is available from Echo Records for all your shoegazing needs. **** New York’s ANNIE are also getting tons of attention these days. Album Anniemal (679 Records) is part produced by Röyksopp and skips with Anne Lilia Berge-Strand’s gorgeous voice. **** Of course that new SUFJAN STEVENS record, Illinois (Asthmatic Kitty) is on the lips and in everyone’s Ipod’s these days. **** Recently I finally caught a band I’ve kept my eyes on for years, TROUBLED HUBBLE at the Troubadour in LA. Their live show was hot! They have released a indie lovin’ album called Making Beds In A Burning House (Eenie Meenie Records/Lookout Records) that is worth picking up on your next trip to the record store (if anyone does that anymore?) **** I hope to have some new material from a young Glendale, Arizona band, LADY ELAINE for you in the near future. Already planning on making a road trip to Arizona to catch these guys with a live reputation that I must verify. **** I also have come across a great young Los Angeles band called MOVING TO FRANCE that I hope to share music from in upcoming compilations. **** FANCEYThe Magical Summer EP (March Records) shows off the latest material from Vancouver artist Todd Fancey. Think CURE-like keyboards mixed with 5TH DIMENSION lyrics and spirit. **** I’m late on this one, but someone recently turned me on to the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE like sludge of OPEN HAND on their album You And Me (Trustkill Records). Came out early this year, but damn is it slamming. **** I’ve also been loving the long jams coming from PILOTDRIFT, a band I wished I had caught at SXSW. Their self released CD, Iter Facere, came out last year, and is available on CDBaby. **** Another up and comer is RADEMACHER, A band out of Fresno, CA that has this STEVEN MALKMUS cleverness and sound to it. They have an EP out on Greytank Records. **** Other names to watch: PRIESTESS, ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI, AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE, HAIL SOCIETY, PSYCHIC ILLS, THE SATELIITES, THE GREEN AND YELLOW TV, THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS, and TURNING GREEN.


**** Please send me your feedback on the unsigned artists, so I can share it with them - it could make the difference. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org . Also, email me if you have demos or promos to send and I’ll send my new address.

*** Please remember to buy music when you can - support the arts.

Monday, July 11, 2005

THE DRAMA survive Hurricane Dennis this weekend

Just got back from a wild and windy one down in Bush country - Orlando, Florida, where THE DRAMA played a furious set of music on Saturday night at THE SOCIAL. A minor technical glitch didn't stop the set, just shortened it a bit, but new song 'Beyond Repair' got it's US debut to eyes and ears from Epic and Atlantic.

Their next show is in Tampa on 7/27 @ The State Theater.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


An amazing artist: JEFFREY LUCK LUCAS

I think I've mentioned him in previous posts or in the FS newsletters, but I just received a 5 song home demo CD from a guy I like to think of as the country Leonard Cohen. His name is JEFFREY LUCK LUCAS and he sounds like he has lived about three lifetimes, kinda how you feel when you listen to Johnny Cash. He put out a record last year called, "Hell Then Divine" is currently distributed by Revolver and Darla, and can be purchased in the Bay area at Aquarius Records and Amoeba Records, and on-line at CDBaby.com and Towerrecords.com. These new tracks are pretty special - whiskey soaked, dust covered ramblings crafted well after midnight.

Upcoming shows:
Tuesday July 12th - City Sessions @ Club Waziema, SF, CA
Wednesday August 3rd - The Rickshaw Stop, SF, CA
Friday August 5th - The Starry Plough , Berkeley, CA
Saturday August 27th - The 12 Galaxies, SF, CA * Opening for Alejandro Escovedo


Sad news: HOT SNAKES break up

Why can't someone tell me that The Bravery has decided to break up, rather than someone as amazing as HOT SNAKES? You may remember them from FUTURE SOUNDS 17, their last release, Audit In Progress (Swami Records) was blistering, much like their previous records, Automatic Midnight and Suicide Invoice. There is some talk of some farewell shows for closure, but hold onto your vinyl if you got it, for in 5 years everyone will be name dropping them again like they were Slint. Bummer.

THE CONTSTANTINES new album - tour details

One of my favorite bands around these days, THE CONSTANTINES, are prepping to release Tournament of Hearts on October 11th on Sub Pop. Seeing these guys live is like witnessing The Clash in their prime (not like I'd know, but I can only imagine), and important band that leaves you moved. Buy anything by these Canadians, and if they come to your town, Tivo whatever you're watching and get out and see them.

I got these tour dates off of Pitchfork...

07-07 Allston, MA - Great Scott *
07-08 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge *
07-09 Brooklyn, NY - Southpaw *
07-10 Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar *
07-11 Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Artworks *
07-12 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick *
07-13 Kalamazoo, MI - Kraftbrau
07-14 Cincinnati, OH - The Madhatter *
07-15 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern *
07-16 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle *
07-17 Minneapolis, MN - 400 Bar *
07-18 Madison, WI - Hi Noon Saloon *&
07-19 East Lansing, MI - Mac's Bar *
08-08 Calgary, Alberta - Saddledome ^
08-09 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Louie's Pub
08-10 Winnipeg, Manitoba - MTS Centre^
08-13 Toronto, Ontario - Molson Amphitheatre ^
08-16 London, Ontario - TBA +
08-18 Hamilton, Ontario - The Undeground +
08-19 Brantford, Ontario - Ford Plant +
08-20 Toronto, Ontario - Lee's Palace +!%
* with Oxford Collapse
+ with Oakley Hall
# with Oneida
^ With Foo Fighters& with Charlemagne
% with Kinski

Friday, July 01, 2005


FROM THE FUTURE MANAGEMENT is proud to announce to everyone that FILM SCHOOL has inked a deal with BEGGARS BANQUET for a worldwide deal!

We will be able to provide more detail on the release dates very soon, but look for it this Fall and plenty of touring to follow.

Above are a few pictures from their recent MEZZANINE show with Moving Units (6/24)..... courtesy of Julia Schuchard of www.myspace.com/photoflygirl