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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Don't Miss The Killers tonight - 11/30 - on Late Night With Conan O'Brien!

Also, the new video for "Mr. Brightside" is now up for viewing at the official KILLERS WEBSITE > CLICK HERE.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Terry Melcher R.I.P.

I take back what I said about THE MALL

I caught THE MALL on Saturday night, and I feel like I owe everyone an apology for putting them on the last Future Sounds. They were terrible. A one trick pony, every song the same, nothing new to add to music.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


A double bill of bands from FUTURE SOUNDS 17 play tonight in SF

KILLERS double up in Florida this weekend

Hey, I know it's a RED state, but that's why we had to send the guys down to Florida this weekend as evangelists for what should be.

Sat, Nov 20 Tampa, FL @ Masquerade
Sun, Nov 21 Jacksonville Beach, FL @ Freebird Live

CLICK HERE for a nice article from The Orlando Sentinel.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Rogue Wave/Oranger appear on Zombie Soundtrack

Forget about Shawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later, you need to know about Stubbs the Zombie. Ben Kweller, the Flaming Lips, the Raveonettes, Death Cab for Cutie, Cake and the Dandy Warhols lead the list of bands covering oldies for Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack. Due out March 15th, the compilation provides the audio backdrop for a video game set in 1959 in fictional Punchbowl, Pennsylvania.

Also included are San Francisco's Oranger and Rogue Wave. Both bands kicked off the preview party at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco the other night at the Aspyr Records Party.

Stubbs the Zombie track listing:

"Lollipop," Ben Kweller
"My Boyfriend's Back," the Raveonettes
"Earth Angel" Death Cab for Cutie
"Everyday," Rogue Wave
"Strangers in the Night," Cake
"There Goes My Baby," the Walkmen
"All I Have to Do Is Dream, the Dandy Warhols
"Mr. Sandman," Oranger
"If I Only Had a Brain," the Flaming Lips
"Tears on My Pillow," Clem Snide
"Shakin' All Over," Rose Hill Drive
"Lonesome Town," Milton Mapes
"The Living Dead," Phantom Planet

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Some photos from Killers Hollywood Party

Here are some pictures from the Nintendo Party down that The Killers played down in Hollywood on Tuesday night

First, on the red carpet at the ALEXANDER premiere:

Then, some from the show at The Day After:

Hollywood Touches Nintendo DS
Tinseltown's stars come out for a night of drinks, music, and hands-on time with Nintendo DS.

November 17, 2004 - Nintendo of America threw bang of a party at the exclusive club The Day After in Hollywood Tuesday night to celebrate the November 21 launch of its forthcoming handheld, Nintendo DS. The event, packed full of DS kiosks, food, drinks, and music, and gorgeous women in very little clothing, drew some of Tinseltown's brightest stars. And, it also drew some lowly IGN editors.

The party kicked off at 9:00pm and was still going strong after midnight. The popular band The Killers played exclusively for the several hundred attendees on hand, and when The Killers weren't rocking the house, DJ Spinna was thumping beats.

The list of celebrities that stopped by to try out DS was impressive. Everybody from Cuba Gooding Jr., Jesse Metcalfe, Zach Braff, and Orlando Jones to Taryn Manning, Anthony Keidis, Sarah Chalke, Rachel Hunter, David Gallagher, JC. Chasez, Donald Faison, Michael Vartan and Jerry Bruckheimer made an appearance.

"They look great! They are small enough to travel with and will help me pass away many hours when I'm on tour, especially on those long bus rides," said pop star Pink about the DS.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

GANG OF FOUR to reunite

and why not? If RADIO 4, MOVING UNITS, THE RAPTURE, and HOT HOT HEAT can make a mint these days straight jaking their sound, why shouldn't we get a GANG OF FOUR reunion? I just heard that the original members, Jon King (vocals), Andy Gill (guitar and vocals), Dave Allen (bass) and Hugo Burnham (drums), who have not worked together since 1981, are gearing up to hit the road, and have announced the following tour dates: (UK only, so far)

Jan. 23: Manchester, England (Academy)
Jan. 24: Leeds, England (Leeds University)
Jan. 25: Bristol, England (Academy)
Jan. 27: Birmingham, England (Academy)
Jan. 28: London (Shepherd's Bush Empire)

Friday, November 12, 2004

New U2 video - watch it...........

Not sure if you've had a chance to see the 'VERTIGO' video yet, but you can watch it HERE (using Windows Media), or
HERE (using Real Media).

Thursday, November 11, 2004

NINE BLACK ALPS sign to Interscope in States

Lead artist in FS17, NINE BLACK ALPS, signed to Interscope Records over here and to Island UK over there. Congratulations to those boys!!

For those of you in NYC ....Go see THE CLOUD ROOM this Saturday


These guys are the ones behind 'Hey Now Now' on Future Sounds 17.



2004 has seen something of an influx of bands for whom their's is more to making music than re-arranging the same three chords in as many ways as possible. Film School are one such band. Opening track, 'Like You Know' offers an immediate taste of the sublime melodies emanating from an urgent assault of epic post rock, and single 'Harmed' adds further weight to the opinion that, if Secret Machines and TV On The Radio are among the essential bands of this year, Film School could be just as important in 2005.
Olly Hodgson


I just saw the first and second edits of the Killers' "Mr. Brightside" US video, directed by Sophie Muller, and it looks amazing! Moulin Rouge meets Amadeus.

Mark your calendars for November 30th, when The Killers are set to appear on the Conan O'Brien Show.

Tonight they are playing in Dublin at The Olympia and I'm told U2 will be in attendance. Bono recently told Q Magazine: " it's rare to find a band who not only have the music but a lyricist, too. i hear the killers and i get off the phone."

Tomorrow night they play Manchester Academy, and I've heard that Sir Elton John is flying in for the show.

The Killers will be playing the Live105 Not So Silent Night in San Francisco on December 10th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Also on the bill will be Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Muse, Modest Mouse, and Taking Back Sunday. They'll also be playing the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in LA, The End's Deck The Hall Ball in Seattle, and the HFSMas Nutcracker 2004 in Fairfax, VA.

Friday, November 05, 2004


Finally, I know I'm way late again......

1. NINE BLACK ALPS – Cosmopolitan
This track gave me the instant quiver, the same quiver that has me immediately convinced that the song I’ve just heard is going to own me for a time. Here are NINE BLACK ALPS from Manchester, and there are actually only four of them, not nine. The only way to get it at the momment is by ordering a limited edition- white-vinyl release just put out on Melodic Records.
NINE BLACK ALPS – Demo – No label.

2. BE YOUR OWN PET – Damn Damn Leash
By the time this gets out to everyone, this band will probably already be signed to some smart label somewhere. Singer, Jamina Abegg, is what happens when you mix the star quality of GWEN STEFANI with the unpredictability of KAREN O, even though she ends up sounding more like Exene of X. To make it all even better, the band is ONLY 16 years old. Heard a full length will be put out on Rough Trade.
BE YOUR OWN PET – 2 Song EP – Infinity Cat Recordings.

3. CLOR – Good Stuff
BECK meets PAVEMENT? Sort of, but what the hell is CLOR? This mystery crew is English, that much I have down, but after that I just know who is working them; Management is John Best and Dean O'Connor and booking is handled by 13 Artists in the UK. Hitting the road with MAXIMO PARK in November, I keep playing this one constantly, especially before going out for the evening.
CLOR – Welcome Music Lovers EP – Regal Records.

4. THE LEGENDS – There And Back Again
If you are going to hold me to it, I must admit that this came out in 2003, but it was like a tree falling deep in the forest. It took the WICKER PARK Soundtrack (horrible movie, great soundtrack) to flush out THE LEGENDS from Sweden. They give no band information out, post no pictures, and create music that is gorgeous…….
THE LEGENDS - Up Against The Legends – Labrador Records.

5. THE ARCADE FIRE - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
Buzz band. Everyone is talking about these guys and for good reason. They have it, something no one can quite figure out or put their finger on. For me, it’s simple; just listen to that build, that urgency, those shouts. Like the TALKING HEADS on speed. The entire record is a must buy, and you won’t be disappointed, this one is a triumph.
THE ARCADE FIRE – Funeral – Merge Records.

6. THE MALL – Track 3
It’s funny how sometimes when you travel a bunch and seek out music from places elsewhere, you end up finding out there is more music at your doorstep than you had ever imagined. Lately, that’s been the case in San Francisco for me, and THE MALL are one of a number of bands creating a scene in a city that likes to destroy all scenes. Big potential here.
Needs: Management, booking, legal.
THE MALL – Demo – No label.

7. THE DRAMA – I Require
You’ve heard my rants and raves about this Sacramento-Oakland band before. THE DRAMA have recently released their first EP on Fierce Panda Records in the UK, but this new track is pulled from their latest studio efforts. ‘Dark rock’ they like to call themselves, their live set will knock you down. They just completed a UK tour and played with THE FAINT in London.
THE DRAMA – New Demos – No label.

8. MADELIA – The Chords
Three Bay Area bands in a row, this time I give you MADELIA, a band some might call ‘goth prog rock’. To me, it’s more like very complex and layered tunes on the epic scale of HOPES OF THE STATES or THE VEILS, or possibly RADIOHEAD. I literarily grabbed these demos off the board, unmastered from the studio to share what they’ve been locked up for months working on because I couldn’t wait. Needs: Management, booking, legal.
MADELIA – Demos – No label.

9. TOM VEK - C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)
I keep hearing tales of how A&R guys from all over are following TOM VEK around like he is the next STEVIE WONDER. I honestly don’t think he is worth all the hype, however I do like this tune for its adventure and total disregard. Sort of sounds like SOUL COUGHING to me, but I did have a soft spot for them.
TOM VEK - We Have Sound – Tummy Touch Records.

10. E-ZEE TIGER - Fanta Es Pontino
Wait a minute, another San Francisco act? E-ZEE TIGER is a one-man music machine. More to take in than a BOB LOG III, think more on the lines of JOSEPH ARTHUR, in terms of playing everything at once, but smash that comparison when you listen to this lo-fi burst. E-ZEE is actually Anthony Petrovic, formerly of THE GAY BARBARIANS. Needs: Management, booking, legal.
EZEE TIGER – EZEE TIGER – Kimosciotic Records.

11. THE CATHOLIC COMB - Sixteen To Twenty-One
The East Bay still counts as the Bay Area, and Concord, California’s THE CATHOLIC COMB are a bunch of 18 year olds that, without trying, conjure up this ‘CURE-Head On The Door’ vibe with ‘Sixteen To Twenty-One’. This one crept up on me until I had that little melody running around my head for days. Needs: Management, booking, legal.
THE CATHOLIC COMB – Demo – No label.

12. VIVA VOCE – Alive With Pleasure
I heard that these guys were originally some Christian rock band, but they sound like they pray to Mark Bolan of St. T REX more than anything. Lush, honey-pie vocals, big fuzz guitars, along the lines of an Elephant 6 band, and how about that MOTT THE HOPPLE guitar work (All The Young Dudes) near the end. I’m into this track.
VIVA VOCE – Heat Can Melt Your Brain – Miny Fresh Records.

13. JOHNNYBOY – You Are The Generation
All right, fooled you if you thought I put an old PHIL SPECTOR track on here to see if you were paying attention. Sounding straight out of THE RONNETTS sound book (Be My Little Baby), here are London’s JOHNNYBOY, dropping something old school on the kids. This ain’t JOSS STONE, this is more like ‘60’s icon LULU, or perhaps underground rare grooves hero, DORIS.
JOHNNYBOY – You Are The Generation… (Single) - Vertigo Records.

14. THE DEARS – We Can Have It
I’d have a hard time describing this if I weren’t allowed to use the word ‘lovely’ somewhere in it. It must be this horrible feeling I’ve been having since the election, but this one comforts me in saddens me and fits this funk. THE DEARS are from Montreal, they are a six piece and they must have listened to a BLUR record or two in their day. I generally react to anyone that sites Serge Gainsbourg as an influence. The end of this gives us hope! Lovely.
THE DEARS – No Cities Left – SpinArt Records.

15. THE CLOUD ROOM – Hey Now Now
Dumb luck on finding this band – happened to be running late for the evening on our CMJ bill, I went in to check who was running over only to witness THE CLOUD ROOM. Well Hey Now Now! They are recording an album for Gigantic Music, a small NY indie, but now have a half dozen labels sniffin’ around. Management: Polsia Ryder. Legal: Carroll Guido & Groffman. Needs: Booking.
THE CLOUD ROOM – Demo – No label.

16. PROSAICS – Teeth
Another band that is grabbing people’s attention these days, first with their Dim Mak release and now as people wait for their Matador debut, here are New York’s PROSAICS. Big on vibe, looking forward to catching them live where they’re dark, Curtis-channeling spirit can fully overtake you.
PROSAICS – Aghast Agape – Matador Records.

17. HOT SNAKES – Hi-Lights
HOT SNAKES are one of those bands that if you don’t know by now, then shame on you! One wild and frenetic live act, seeing these guys will make you re-address how you judge live performances. History is on their side as well - ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT and DRIVE LIKE JEHU - near living legends to most. Very close to the last two records, and that’s a good thing. Perfect as is.
HOT SNAKES – Audit In Progress – Swami Records.

18. VON IVA – Same Sad Song
San Francisco’s VON IVA are what one friend of mine described as “4 hot chicks, really good front, and pretty aggressive pop rock”. At first you think it’s merely another GOSSIP or perhaps DETROIT COBRAS, then they drop into this dancey=freak out and that bass thump. They’re looked after by Guerrilla Management’s John O'Malley. Needs: Booking, legal.
VON IVA – Demo – No label.

19. THE VIBRATION – Sweet Oil
Here is another band that consists of “4 hot chicks”, New York’s THE VIBRATION. I’d like to think that there is more here than just looks, hearing that powerful SINEAD O’CONNOR boom from singer Ann Fitzgerald’s voice and that bass line. On top of it all, they’re guitarist’s name is ‘Red Scare’ - what’s not to like here? Needs: Management, booking, legal.
THE VIBRATION – Ear To The Ground EP- Sink & Stove Records.

I know you think I’ve been saving them up, but here is glimpse of what is happening on the San Francisco scene these days; CITIZENS HERE AND ABROAD.
For fans of DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE and EARLIMART, a CMJ hit waiting to happen.
Needs: Management, booking, legal.
CITIZENS HERE AND ABROAD – 2 Songs – No label.

21. LA ROCCA – This Life
Dublin, Ireland’s LA ROCCA make bouncy TODD RUNDGREN meets EVERCLEAR music that drips pop hooks. This year alone they’ve been invited as special guests on tours with JET, SNOW PATROL and THE VINES. For fans of WHEAT or THE THRILLS. Needs: Management, booking.
LA ROCCA – Demo – No label.


UM – I’d have to honestly say this to you, that in the past year I haven’t been as impressed with any live act in terms of shear presence and star power capability as I have since I walked into a London warehouse recently to witness UM. This one-man BECK meets ALI G, could be an icon if he ever gets noticed beyond his art pack friends. Straight out of a DAVID LYNCH film with humor and beats and storytelling from another planet, I’ll have more for you from him as soon as I can. Check out www.umbusiness.co.uk.

AUTOLUX – By all rights, AUTOLUX should have made this Future Sounds, I just slipped on getting the music in time. This band is rising nicely and will be everywhere very soon; probably by the time I actually complete FS18. You know them already if you’re from LA, on KROQ quite a bit – words getting’ out.

– track: Kiss Ride Kill. Kick in the ass rock in roll from Chicago. Wild and raw and dirty and needing to get a deal so they can tour for the rest of us. Actually called TWIN WRECKS THE MEMORY, this is rawk n’ roll that’s a mess.

THE CHAP – Here is a band that I had the pleasure of seeing at 3am in London and ended up dancing until my cab arrived for the airport at 7am. Like a current version of the TALKING HEADS, yet dancey like !!! or OUT HUD. Amazing musicians, intricate almost world beat music, and a drummer named Keith.

BABY TEETH – track: Sell Out. Off of their PIXIES infused four-track demo.

OVERHANG – Cool young band out of Chicago, known for shows that get physical and often times violent from the fever.


THE KILLERS – Having just finished the Jonathan Ross Show in London and David Letterman over here, the only thing left is, well, THE O.C.. That’s on it’s way for our Vegas boys, who also just finished shooting their video for ‘Mr. Brightside’ with Director Sophie Muller (NO DOUBT, COLDPLAY, BLUR).

FILM SCHOOL- So, since last we met these guys have hit New York, did a week in London, and then came back to NYC for CMJ. In the meantime they partied with Geraldo Rivera, released a single on Fierce Panda’s ‘Shock & Oar’ compilation, a 7 inch single on Full Frame Records, nabbed some great press from NME, The Fly and Kerrang!, and are already back in the studio finishing their full length. Hits Magazine named them one of the buzz bands of CMJ.

DAVID HOPKINS – The Hopper never seems to stop. Since returning from his month long Irish tour, where he also made it down to Manchester for the In The City Music Festival, he has already written 10 new songs, disbanded his band, and is moving to New York City this winter in the name of love. David stirred up the Dublin scene while he was home and I’m hoping to have some good news for you soon.

D JON – The young one continues to sharpen his act up for the grand unveiling coming soon. I just recently compiled the latest 6 song demo and have begun to circulate it for the chosen few, but I’ll have more for you all soon enough.

MINT CHERRYKenn Richards and crew are one track away from finally releasing the monster from the underground lab. Their remix of PARTICLE’s “Lauchpad”, is up on Itunes for download, and they’re already working on the next batch of songs that would round out a full length.


LUNA – track: Malibu Love Nest. Ok, so they are breaking up, and this saddens me, but as long as Dean and Britta keep making music like their solo record, I’ll be ok. Their swan song is once again, perfect LUNA. Jetset Records.

Q AND NOT U – Very interesting and fun music that so far is only released in Australia on PopFrenzy Records.

PANTHERS – One amazing live band, Brooklyn’s PANTHERS just released ‘Things Are Strange’ on Vice Records.

THE NERVOUS RETURN – track RED CAMERO. I heard cool music on this Atlantic Records release, ‘Wake Up Dead’ from LA’s THE NERVOUS RETURN.

HUMAN TELEVISION – Sort of a FELT vibe to it, HUMAN TELEVISION have dropped their debut on Gigantic Records this month. Worth checking out.


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